Undercover Commission: Alexander Stevenson

Undercover Commission: Alexander Stevenson
Bristol Biennial: In Other Worlds
2-10 September 2016
Hand in Glove invited artist Alexander Stevenson to infiltrate, ingest and interrogate Bristol Biennial 2016: In Other Worlds. Stevenson responded by proposing a set of covert actions for the Biennial that would put forward an alternative view of both Bristol and the arts festival.
Acting as a shadowy controller while away in mainland Europe, Stevenson oversaw a number of ‘agents’ from a variety of non-art backgrounds. Each agent, including three former homeless people, a food critic, a psychiatrist and a cultural geographer, was asked to report back and provide personal responses from a number of Biennial events and exhibitions.
In the guise of the ‘whistle-blower’, Stevenson then condensed these responses into short haikus of no more than 140 characters and much like with Chinese whispers, fed them back to Biennial audiences through a specially created Twitter account @BBLeaks2016 throughout its duration.

With thanks to Bristol Biennial. Archive material: Film – Alasdair Bayne, Matthew Nesbeth. Photographs – Roser Diaz, José Vegas.


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