Weather Station

Scotoma Landscape, Laurie Lax

Weather Station, produced by OSR Projects, is a mobile pavilion for the collection of images, objects and ideas. An artist-led response to flooding and extreme weather, exploring the changing relationship we have with landscape and the natural world. Cumulative rather than collaborative, the structure passes from one artist to the next, gathering traces of its journey through the streets, fields and rivers of South West England.
Hand in Glove were invited by OSR Projects to recommend an artist to take part in Weather Station and we nominated Bristol based artist Laurie Lax.
Scotoma Landscape by Laurie Lax: Saturday 14 May 2016
Public participation (drop-in plein air drawing): 11am – 1pm
Narroways Millennium Green Hill, Bristol, BS2 9YT
‘I’m interested particularly in our psychological disconnect, (mis) representation and perception of nature. Immediately, I wanted to treat the one-day residency as a kind of experiment. Narroways Hill will be my studio lab for the day. I’m going to ignore the inflatable ball, treating it as a blind spot, a scotoma on the landscape. I’ll spend the day using the Weather Station as a compositional tool, taking photographs and drawing studies on Narroways Hill – my local green space, which is also socially diverse, and a hotspot for biodiversity in the city. These I will develop into functional blind spot tests, back in my Bedminster studio.
I’ve been getting to know some of the people who look after this place, by volunteering for the Narroways Millennium Green Hill Trust, even joining a small St. Werburghs drawing group. Alongside the day’s main mission, it feels apt to invite local people and others from further afield up onto ‘the mound’ (as it’s commonly known), and facilitate collective drawing en plein air. Participants and passers-by will be greeted with all the necessary drawing equipment, but please feel free to bring something comfy and dry to sit on if you require it.’