i didn’t see you there

i didnt see you there
Anne Deeming: i didn’t see you there
22 June – 14 July 2013
Queen Square, Portwall Lane, Victoria Street, Redcliff Street (download a map of locations here)
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i didn’t see you there by Bristol-based artist Anne Deeming was the result of Hand in Glove’s open-call Public Realm Commission project which encompassed 12 new sculptures exhibited on street furniture in central Bristol; a participatory sculpture trail; successful crowd-funding and social media campaigns; a launch event; artist talk and critical writing commissions.
Anne Deeming makes sculptural objects that look useable and recognisable in some way – and yet are not. As amalgamations of commercially produced commodities, her works examine the role that expectation and memory plays in our reading and understanding of the everyday objects that we encounter and surround ourselves with. Deeming’s unique objects are predominately human in scale, conjuring multiple associations with things domestic, industrial, playful, useful, useless, familiar and foreign.
For i didn’t see you there, Deeming sited 12 new sculptures on street furniture around the Redcliffe area of central Bristol.
i saw you there! Talk with Anne Deeming on Thursday 11 July – see here for more info.
Looking for Anne Deeming’s i didn’t see you there, a piece of creative writing by Rowan Lear, accompanies the project.
See photos from the launch event on the Hand in Glove flickr page. Photographs by Jake Hancock.
Read our a_n project blog to find out more about the development of the project.
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