Interplay – Saturday 17 November 2012

Hand in Glove present:
A social exchange & celebration of artist-led practice and collaboration
Saturday 17 November 2012, 2 – 8pm
Z Shed, Albion Dockside Estate, Hanover Place, Bristol, BS1 6UT
12:34 Gallery, Back Lane West, Bristol Diving School, British Racing Green, Cerbyd, Elbow Room, Emergent Behaviour, Extra Special People, Fotonow, Hand in Glove, INDEX Gallery, KARST, Madescapes, MEANTIME, Mezz, Motorcade/FlashParade, The Motorcycle Showroom, OSR Projects, Parlour Showrooms, Rhod, Stryx, Tool Shed, Topical Jungle, WARP, Weft±Warp.
Interplay brings together artist-led groups, spaces and initiatives from south west England, south Wales, the midlands and beyond, to share knowledge, and explore the possibilities and limitations of collaboration.
Throughout the day, groups are invited to showcase their practice through various forms of presentation including pecha kucha, performance, installation, chaired discussion, happenings and intervention. Food and drink will also be available.
Interplay functions as a social space to meet people and find out more about a range of artist-led practices, with the potential to form new collaborations.
The event is free and open to all.
2pm               INTERPLAY begins
2.15pm         Pecha Kucha – MEANTIME and KARST
(Pecha Kucha are 6 minute presentations with up to 20 images
2.30-3.30pm Speed dating with Topical Jungle (part I)
2.45pm        Madescapes presentation
3pm              INDEX Gallery performance
3-6pm          Elbow Room invite intimate conversations about engagement and participation in art practice
3.15pm        Pecha Kucha – Rhod and The Tool Shed
3.30pm       Maryniak & McLean first video
3.45pm       Pecha Kucha – The Motorcycle Showroom and Mezz
4-5pm         Speed dating with Topical Jungle (part II)
4.30pm       Pecha Kucha – Back Lane West and Parlour Showrooms
4.45pm       Pecha Kucha – Emergent Behaviour and Hand in Glove
5pm              Maryniak & McLean second video
5.15pm        Long table discussion with contributions from Sarah B of MEANTIME Andre de Jong of VINYL and Louisa Fairclough of MEZZ
6.15pm        Role-plays by Cerbyd
6.45pm       Bristol Diving School will take the form of a human pyramid to discuss the restraints, distractions and constraints of collaboration.
7.15pm        Stryx video presentation
8pm              INTERPLAY ends
From 6-8pm Motorcade/FlashParade are serving veggie korma, rice & naan for a fiver. Hand in Glove have a range of hot drinks, snacks and booze available very cheaply all day long!
In addition to scheduled activity, groups present installations, newly commissioned works and performative happenings throughout the day-be sure not to miss them:
12:34 Gallery present Snowball; an artist-led revolution encompassing contemporary ideals of collaboration, exchange and artist-led survival based on George Orwell’s Animal Farm.
British Racing Green take on the role of the games-masters and invite you to play their game of Snakes ‘n’ Ladders.
Fotonow bring their Camper Obscura to the Z-Shed garden. All who enter the Camper Obscura are documented with a Polaroid photograph – please pay them a visit to help us capture a visual record of everyone here today.
Hand in Glove have micro-commissioned artists Holly Mclean and Tom Maryniak from PLATFORM 2012 to produce work for INTERPLAY: MARYNIAK & MCLEAN present two experimental films. One exploring the trials and tribulations of working together in intimate proximity. The other is an untamed outcry.
Madescapes present a multi-media installation.
OSR Projects present a new audio work ‘Sounds of the OSR: Angry Brian’s Dog (re-enactment) 2012‘’ – find an associate artist wearing a terrier badge to hear the work.
Stryx will be collaboratively mapping out places of interest in the creative Birmingham community for all to see.
The Tool Shed has invited the artist Jonny JJ Winter to produce a new piece of work for the occasion, as part of an on-going series of offsite projects.
WARP invite you to contribute to their artist-led survival kit’ using table-top strategy games, mapping and visual representation.
Weft±Warp will be responding to and documenting the unfolding events through creative writing, drawing and photography.
See the full set of photos from the event here (courtesy of Tom Ketteringham)

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