26 March 2011: Heloise Godfrey The Salon
27 March 2011: samfrancisco&Sepr breakfast, lunch & dinner vs. breakfast, dinner & tea
9 April 2011: Anwyl Cooper-Willis Gold Standard
10 April 2011: Beth Emily Richards & Bryony Gillard The BRBG Advisory Service
GLOVE BOX, 2 Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5HS
YOUR IDEAS was an open call-out initiative, inviting artists and artist groups to propose a project to carry out at GLOVE BOX within a 24 hour period, with setting up, taking down and any kind of public presentation to be carried out within this time frame, encouraging artists to test out new ideas, present work in progress or utilise the concept of the 24-hour duration period to prompt new work and collaborations.

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